5 Flower Arrangements to Brighten Up Your Home This Summer

As the days grow longer and the weather turns warmer, there’s no better way to welcome the spring and summer seasons than by adding pops of fresh colour and vibrant blooms to your home.

Floral arrangements are an easy and affordable way to instantly elevate any space and lift your mood.

If you’re looking to bring the beauty of summer indoors, try these five stunning flower arrangement ideas that are sure to brighten up your home, if you are a keen gardener some of these flowers will be blooming in your garden already.

  1. Tulip Trio Tulips are a quintessential spring flower, with their bold, cup-shaped blooms in a rainbow of colours and shape. For a simple yet striking arrangement, group three or more tulips of the same colour in a slim vase. Try using tulips in different shades for maximum impact. Position the tulips at varying heights for visual interest. This simple arrangement works beautifully as a centrepiece on your kitchen or dining room table.
  2. Daffodil Delight Few flowers capture the essence of spring quite like the cheerful daffodil. Bring the outdoors in by gathering a bunch of sunny yellow daffodils and displaying them in a clear glass vase. Daffodils tend to have sturdy, straight stems that look lovely when displayed solo. This unadorned arrangement allows the natural beauty of the daffodils to shine. Place it on your entryway table or bedroom dresser for an instant sunny boost.
  3. Bountiful Blooms If you want to make more of a statement, try a larger, more lush floral arrangement. Start with a mix of spring and early summer blooms like peonies, roses, wispy astilbe, perhaps some mint and seasonal foliage. Arrange the flowers in a generously sized vase or decorative planter, allowing the stems to spill over the sides for a wild, garden-inspired look. This abundant arrangement makes a lovely welcome on an entrance table in your hall or perhaps as a centrepiece in your living room.
  4. Lilac Luxe Delicate, fragrant lilacs are a true harbinger of late spring and early summer. Treat yourself to a bunch of these lovely lavender blooms and display them in your favourite vase or vessel. The wispy, clustered flowers will cascade elegantly. Lilacs have a short season, so be sure to savour them while you can. Place this arrangement in a spot where you can enjoy the sweet floral scent, like your kitchen or home office.
  5. Rose Romance For a touch of classic elegance, opt for an arrangement of late spring and summer roses. Choose garden roses for a more organic, romantic look, or go with hybrid tea roses for a sophisticated vibe. Vary the rose colours, incorporating soft pinks, vibrant reds and delicate whites. Arrange the roses in a footed bowl or compote dish for a refined, tabletop-worthy display.

No matter which spring/summer blooms you choose, a fresh flower arrangement is an easy way to infuse your home with the beauty and energy of the season. So why not treat yourself – and your space – to the gift of flowers this summer?