Christmas Wreaths

The year is drawing to an end and what a year it has been, lots of lows but also some highs, and I definitely think there are many lessons to be learnt from this year, for me gratitude is one, I am so much more aware of the simple pleasures I have taken for granted for so long.

Champagne Rose Christmas Wreath

Christmas is very much a time I look forward to, my boys being home, my niece and nephew, friends and family, baking and of course the glorious Christmas creative things I get to do as part of my job.

The Christmas wreath; so many versions, so many takes on styles, but what are its origins; well dating back to the ancient times of the Persian empire it is thought that wreaths symbolised wealth and success, I like to think nowadays they represent a very warm welcome to friends and family to our homes, a symbol of the joy we get from spending time with our loved ones.

Crafting and creating with friends and family is a pastime that has grown in popularity over the years, with hens crafting as part of hen do celebrations, grooms crafting too, children crafting with parents – we enjoy so many creative activities these days and these forms of past-times are proven to reduce stress and anxiety and bring us closer together. Right now I would usually be getting organised for our wreath making workshops…

This year is different but we do not need to abandon the things we gain pleasure from and I am organising zoom interactive wreath and table decoration parties, bespoke to you and your group we will raise a virtual glass and get creative in our own homes, staying safe but immersing ourselves in the joy of creativity and creating something beautiful for your homes.

Whatever your passion the joy of making, creating, letting go and switching your brain to another pace is one not to be underestimated, so whether it is wreathing, baking, drawing, writing, whatever floats your creative boat this is the year more than any other to treat yourself to some time to relax, let go of some anxiety and just switch off.

Stay safe, stay strong and whether we see you online or not I hope there is joy in your Christmas this year.
Kirsti xx